PlusMore is a hotel technology startup I started.   Our CEO came to us with the idea of putting tablets in hotels.  Nobody knew where it would go.  I immediately started on designs. My mockups/wireframes are adjusted based on who I am showing my designs to.  Sometimes, I wanted the CEO to just concentrate on the UX, so I would create a black and white version for him.  But most of the time, I trained my team to learn how to focus on the UI, UX, and branding separately.  To me, a wireframe is like editing a movie without the sound. It’s all connected.  
Showing visuals helps me with process. For example, in V5, I have 3 pictures over a picture.  If this was a black and white wireframe, it would look fine, but showing the images, it becomes clear that it is a visual overload.  Most importantly, my mockups get everyone excited! I love my job,  and I want people to really see what the product will look and feel like.  Getting people excited keeps everyone positive, which leads to more work getting done!
In one year, I made over 250 designs for 50 different pages PlusMore contains.  
After realizing that we needed to modernize the hotels from within as well to succeed, I was tasked with re-designing their backend.  Currently, most hotels use HotSOS.  In order to make a successful redesign, I sat down with a hotel manager  He explained to the me the positives, and negatives of HotSOS.
Restaurant Backend
PlusMore was always constantly changing and evolving.  As a result, the architecture of the site was always fragmented because one new idea would radically change the entire design.  Creating mock ups of the screens proved to be a more effective way of  communicating ideas to my teammates.
To do a logo right, you need months.  As you learn what your startup is, your branding and visual identity will adapt with it.  A good designer can anticipate where the company might go, so that the logo doesn’t alienate future identities.
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