Explorzio is my dream app. Explorzio allows you to see what an area is really like. The internet is filled with low quality data from many mistrusted sources. With Explorzio, you can see what you friend thought of a specific street in Greece. You can see all the tags he or she made. You can filter the entire map by his tags. 
Before Explorzio, I had an extremely difficult time traveling. I knew my friends travelled the world, I knew they went to a country or place, but I never had the information I needed. A place or area is not enough, one street can be amazing, and another street right next to it can be a nightmare. With Explorzio, now I can know. As a traveller, I just need a general idea of what an area is like. Explorzio gives it to me. I can finally know a place is safe, or if it is quiet, or boring, or exciting. Even with all the might of the internet, it is extremely difficult to know. Explorzio has opened the doors
App experience
A superior user experience. At first, users can see area tags, which are a culmination of all street tags. Users can zoom in and see information on individual streets. They can then filter by users they are following. This is a user experience game changer. 
Users can see post history, and filter by country. This way, if you are interested in visiting a country, you can see the tags and posts of that specific country and then view it on the map. You can also view by places, sorted by most recent. You get a great summary of the place with all the tags of the user. In an instant, you have extremely high quality information that would take you normally weeks to find online
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